Kitchen Habits

I’m Kleopatra, I come from Greece and I grew up in a small village Krokos, famous for the Greek Saffron. I grew up helping my mom in the kitchen. And then my aunt, my grandmas and then my god mother and my grandpa in his tavern. I remember that all the things and moves I was seeing in a kitchen seemed somehow natural and simple in my head. 

I realized later on that I actually cook not so much in order to eat but because I like the process, the cooking time, the smell and flavor and the discovery of the ‘charackter’ of each ingredient, the creativity, the anticipation of the end result and most of all because I like sharing my food with others and keep their stomach full! Seriously, nothing makes me more happy than offering other people some of the food I made!

In the meantime, I studied business and marketing and right now I’m living in the Netherlands exploring the world, meeting other cultures and other ‘kitchen habits’ as well.. The need to transfer some of my daily time to my family and friends that are not close by and my love for sharing food with all people was the reason for making this blog! I hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think!

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